Insurance Claims

As of Monday April 3rd 2017 we are changing the way we process direct insurance claims. This will only affect claims where you request payment to be made directly to us from your insurance company. Until now we have made no charge to process insurance claims. However, due to the very high numbers of claims, the considerable time taken processing paperwork and receiving payments from insurance companies, we are introducing a £20 administration charge.

This fee will only be added to your account if you choose to have a bill paid directly to us by your insurance company rather than yourself. The administration fee will be charged every time a claim is submitted. This administration fee is not claimable and is a direct cost to you. We will not charge an administration fee to process a claim if you have already settled your bill.

If you are unsure how this will affect you please email Kay at or speak to one of the team who can help.

How to make an insurance claim for your pet

• We have a selection of claim forms available. Please enquire at reception and we will be happy to provide you with the correct form. Alternatively, you can contact your insurance Company to request a claim form. Most insurance companies will have the forms available on their website to download. If not they will post or email them to you.

• Please complete as much of the form as possible. (If you do not know the condition and the treatment dates it is fine to leave these sections blank). Please ring or come in if you are unsure about any section. Reception will be happy to print stickers with your name and address to stick to the form at your request.

• Please ensure that the policy holder has signed the form. If the pet has been registered with us under a different name to the policy holder please inform reception so this information can be passed to the relevant departments.

• Pass the form to Dragon Veterinary Centre to complete the vet section of the form.

• If you would like Dragon Veterinary Centre to claim directly (claims in excess of £500 only), we request that you pay £500.00. This amount will be added to your account and used accordingly. (i.e. towards your excess or un-claimable items). Once your insurance company have settled the claim any remaining balance may be left on your account as a credit or returned to you. There is a non-claimable £20 administration fee for this service, which is included in the £500 payment.

• Dragon Veterinary Centre will then add all relevant invoices and a history and submit the claim for you. Please note, if your pet has been seen previously by another vet, the insurance company may require a history from them as well. If your pet has been seen for the same condition by another vet they will require a separate claim form from you.

• Once the insurance claim form has been submitted, the insurance company will process and file. Any further treatment will require another claim form to be submitted. If it is for the same condition this may not incur a further excess but may be subject to any percentage excess on your policy. Most policies will incur an additional excess per policy year and some policies will only cover each condition for a specific time (i.e. one year) or up to a specific amount.

• Please note that the insurance contract is between yourself and the insurance company. If, for any reason, they reject the claim you are responsible for all fees due. You may need to grant them permission to discuss any claims with us.

• All insurance companies do vary on exact terms and conditions so please make sure you have read your policy thoroughly. It is possible that not all treatment will be claimable. (Certain insurance companies will decline to pay pre-op blood tests or cap certain treatments i.e. blood test).

• If you have any queries or would like to discuss your claim in more detail please contact Kay Watson on 01242 580324.