Pet Health Scheme

Veterinary examination of Dalmatian dog lying on back

Save money and spread the cost of preventative health care with convenient direct debits

Our Pet Health scheme is a preventative health care plan, carefully designed to ensure that your pet remains in tip top condition for a long, healthy and happy life. It involves monthly payments to spread and reduce the cost of preventative treatments over a year. Paying monthly by direct debit results in great savings on the annual costs of preventative health care. There are also additional discounts for Pet Health Scheme members, including dentals, diets and rabies vaccinations.

The difference between the Pet health scheme and insurance, and why you need both:

The Pet Health Scheme covers all apsects of preventative health care including vaccination, worming, and 6 monthly veterinary health checks as well as a range of other benefits depending on what level of scheme you chose to join.

Pet insurance provides financial cover for unforeseen illness and accidents. (Please note that the level of cover provided by different insurers / policies can vary enormously. Please speak to us if you are unsure and would like some advice)

Please download our leaflet: Pet Health Scheme Leaflet for details about what’s included and current prices.

Please complete the form below,  contact us or ask a member of staff for full details if you wish to join the scheme.

Full terms and conditions of our Pet Health Scheme can be downloaded here