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Emergencies - Out of Hours

Always here to help


We are the only practice in Cheltenham to host an in-house hospitalisation service (Chelvets Ltd).


If your pet needed to be seen outside of normal practice hours or needed to be hospitalised overnight for whatever reason, the animal would stay with us and not need to be transported anywhere else. We feel that this is hugely beneficial for poorly animals as they receive continuous care and do not need to undergo multiple journeys between clinics.


The out-of-hours staff also have full access to our clinical notes and histories so will be fully informed about any pre-existing conditions your pet may have.

Chelvets are based at the Dragon Vet Centre (see map below) and can be contacted on 01242 522022


Chelvets are available at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 7pm-8:15am
Weekends from 1pm on Saturday, through to 8:15am on Monday morning
Christmas, Easter and most bank holidays

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