Diagnostic Imaging

Obtaining a good image is essential in order to diagnose and treat

Diagnostic Imaging & Digital X-Ray

Obtaining a good image of what’s inside your pet is essential in order to diagnose and treat some disorders.

We also believe in minimally invasive techniques in order to find out what’s wrong with your pet. Digital X-rays and Ultrasound offer a rapid way of reaching a diagnosis, often requiring only a mild sedative or sometimes can be performed without any sedation whatsoever. 

Endoscopy provides an excellent way of visualising what’s inside a body cavity such as the oesophagus, lungs, stomach or intestines.

Our state of the art x-ray system is also known as DR (direct radiography) and allows an image to be captured and displayed within seconds. The ability to assess a radiograph instantly has proved invaluable when dealing with poorly patients, as we can get a vital diagnosis quickly and start treatment immediately.

Another advantage of the digital x-ray system, is that we can easily share images (via e-mail) with specialists or other practices and every patient’s radiographs can be uploaded to their individual record. This means we can always show clients the pictures we’ve taken throughout the day and explain any changes we’ve seen.

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