CT Scanning

As part of our ongoing commitment to offer the best service to our patients, we installed a new GE, 16-slice CT scanner within our practice.

Our scanner is the most advanced model to be installed in the UK. This enables us to obtain images of your pet within seconds often avoiding the need for other diagnostic tests that may or may not be conclusive.

This service will allow us to obtain CT scans of dogs and cats (and occasionally other small animal species) and allow the rapid diagnosis of animal diseases, without the need for our patients to travel to distant referral centres. Indeed, we are the only practice in Cheltenham that can offer this service ‘in-house’.

The CT scans will be interpreted by specialists in veterinary diagnostic imaging and can, in many cases avoid the need for extensive testing and even surgery, providing a rapid diagnosis for diseases that are difficult to detect.

CT is recognised as being excellent for the identification of many diseases, especially those involving bones, nasal chambers, lungs, the abdomen, spinal problems, and even conditions such as brain tumours. Often, CT will detect subtle changes that x-rays or even ultrasound may miss.

Pets will be sedated or anaesthetised for a short period of time to enable us to get the best possible image, and the specialist report is available within hours. The vet will then discuss the scan results with you and propose a plan of action based on this report.

Our CT service is also available for clients and pets that attend other vet practices on an outpatient basis. If your vet has suggested a CT scan for your pet and you live locally, you are at liberty to request a scan with us and you should discuss this with your usual vet. The report will be sent directly to your normal vet who will discuss the results and any treatment plan with you. We are always happy to informally discuss outpatient CT scans with pet owners or referring vets on the telephone.

If you are a referring vet, wanting to arrange an outpatient CT, please complete and submit our online form here or, alternatively, a form can be downloaded here and emailed to us.

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