Progesterone Testing

Information about progesterone testing at our Kingsway branch.

We continue to offer blood sampling for breeding progesterone testing at our Kingsway branch. The cost of this is £50 for the blood sampling ONLY, if you then arrange your own laboratory to perform the progesterone testing privately, the requirements for this service are listed below. Please ensure you comply with these requirements prior to making or turning up to an appointment. Failure to comply may result in our staff being unable to blood sample your animal. 

We are also able to run the progesterone test in-house with same day turnaround at our Prestbury Park branch at the Racecourse where there is a combined fee for both the blood sampling and progesterone testing - costs available on request.

Requirements for progesterone blood testing for breeding purposes:

  • The bitch’s vaccination card and microchip must be checked prior to the blood sampling to ensure correct ownership and address
  • The bitch must be between 2 years of age and 8 years of age as suggested by the Kennel Club website
  • The bitch must be suitable for breeding – she must not be obese or aggressive or of poor conformation
  • Evidence of a breeding license must be provided if the household has bred 3 or more litters within a year or sold puppies as a business for profit

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