Neutering your pet

We offer a full range of neutering services

Dragon Vets in Cheltenham offer a full range of neutering services, tailored to the individual species.

Dog Neutering

We offer routine castration and spaying of dogs. We also offer laparoscopic (Keyhole) surgery for neutering bitches and strongly recommend key hole surgery for the removal of retained testicles in male dogs.



Cat Neutering

We regularly perform cat spays and castrations.



Rabbit Neutering

We recognise that Rabbits are very unique in their requirements for anaesthetics, medicine and surgery. To this end, all our small animal vets have been trained in best practice techniques for anaesthetising and operating on this species. This includes the use of Sevofluorane as standard on all bunnies being anaesthetised.

‘Small furries’ such as guinea pigs and ferrets 

With this group of animals we used specialised anaesthetic protocols including our ‘rodent room’ and Sevofluorane.

This anaesthetic agent is widely regarded as being the safest for small mammals as the recovery time is significantly faster than other agents and causes much fewer breathing problems.

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