Animal Health Certificates

Animal Health Certificates in Cheltenham

Since January 1st 2021 Pet Passports issued in Great Britain are no longer valid. Now to travel to the EU or Northern Ireland with their dog, cat or ferret pet owners will need an Animal Health Certificate and will need to meet requirements for microchipping, Rabies vaccination and, for some countries (Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway or Malta), a tapeworm treatment. Several of our experienced veterinary surgeons are Government approved “Official Veterinarians” (OVs) so are able to issue and certify Animal Health Certificates allowing owners to take their pets on trips or holidays through Europe.

If you are interested in getting an Animal Health Certificate for your dog, cat or ferret please contact the Cheltenham surgery or book online to discuss your requirements. You must ensure that Rabies vaccinations are up to date at least 3 weeks before a vet can complete the official paperwork, so it is sensible to start your travel preparations at least a month in advance and with plenty of time to spare.

For the most up-to-date advice on pet travel, please check the government website:

For pet travel outside of the EU or Northern Ireland please note we are currently not registered to be able to complete Export Health Certificates, but are often able to help with the preparations for these.

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